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Portable Rehabilitation Robot Gloves

Portable Rehabilitation Robot Gloves

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Do you have a stiff hand? Fingers curled up? Fingers weakness? 


- Portable hand trainer, rejecting ineffective training.

- Stiff hands, training to promote blood circulation and flexibility.

- Compact in size, easy to carry, and does not take up much space.

- Intelligent chip, stable and long-lasting work.

- Easy to operate, easy for the elderly to master.

- Mirror training, and mirror gloves for improved efficiency.

- Adjustable air valve for finger training.

- Portable belt, easy to carry.

Give your hands the relief they deserve
You may experience a feeling of "sluggishness" in your hands, an inability to open your hands, or even "stiffness." You've tried everything from harmful painkillers, painful injections, expensive home massagers, or worst of all, just living with the condition.

You may even be facing scary and expensive treatments, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Imagine being able to spread your fingers without being stiff or sluggish! Use our Portable Rehabilitation Robot Gloves to instantly relieve these worries and "regain" enjoying life without dexterous hands!





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